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While working in the field of financial services for the last 15 years, we learnt that people are still unaware about Simple formulas of Becoming Wealthy while being Debt free.

We wanted to spread those formulas to maximum people and that’s when, Arthvidya founded.

The Name arthvidya is combination of two words, derived from Sanskrit’s Arth meaning Wealth & Vidya meaning Education.

As a combine it means

Education to Create Wealth.

Our Aim..

We believe that planning & investment of Money, is as important as earning Money is.

We want to educate common people about Creating their own wealth from their Hard earned money.

Here at Arthvidya, we teach people how to employ their money to earn extra money for them.

We want to teach people a way, so they can make money while sleeping cause Warren Buffet (one of the most successful investor in world) quoted

“If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.”


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+91 8484 0 363 79/87